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Courses Taught

Dr. Velu teaches both undergraduate and graduate level courses in the Chemistry department of UAB. The main focus of his teaching is in the areas of Organic Chemistry, Natural Products, Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery. The following is the listing of all courses currently offered by Dr. Velu.

Undergraduate Courses

  • CH 235: Organic Chemistry I.

  • CH 237: Organic Chemistry II.

  • CH 472: Chemistry of Natural Products.

  • CH 497: Undergraduate Research.

  • CH 499: Honors Research and Thesis.

Graduate Courses

  • CH 701: Foundations of Organic and Inorganic Chemistry.

  • CH 772: Chemistry of Natural Products.

  • CH 732: Organic Reactions and Synthesis.

  • IBS 708: Modern Drug Design and Development (Team Taught).

  • CH 798: Non-Dissertation Research.

  • CH 799: Dissertation Research.

Cancer Biology Undergraduate Program

Co-Director of the UAB Undergraduate Program in Cancer Biology

​The UAB undergraduate degree in cancer biology is the only one of its kind in the entire United States. Students in this program will graduate with a strong educational and research background that maximizes their chances to achieve career goals in cancer biology in particular and life sciences in general.

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